What started with a little hand-painted cow on a fondue plate has grown into the company Oh la Vache!. The unique creations are sold across the world and bring a breath of fresh mountain air to wherever the little herd of fun-loving cows goes.

 My Vision

I am the artist behind Oh la Vache!, a collection of exquisite hand-designed porcelain tableware and home decor that embodies the timeless elegance of alpine living. Inspired by my time spent in the picturesque Swiss mountain village of Villars-sur-Ollon, my designs are a tribute to the natural beauty that surrounds me. Each design is a reflection of the unique character of the seasons, and the emotions they evoke.

From the crisp beauty of winter's snow and frost, reflected in my Winter collection of cows adorned with fluffy socks, boots, and snowflakes, to the delicate beginning of spring, captured in my designs with lightness and blossoming flowers, each piece evokes the unique character and emotions of the seasons. The vibrant colours of the mountains and the tranquil sound of cowbells ringing through the valleys inspire my Summer collection, bringing warmth and vitality to any home.

As autumn arrives, the vibrant hues of the season come alive in my Alpine Collection. Discover the majestic deer, playful squirrel, wise owl, shy mountain goat, and mighty bear, gracefully coexisting amidst the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Each design captures the essence of chalet chic, seamlessly blending alpine charm with contemporary living.

From savoring a cup of coffee or tea with loved ones to hosting memorable dinner parties, Oh la Vache! adds a touch of cozy chic to every occasion. My collection invites the beauty and enchantment of the Swiss Alps into your home, allowing you to relish the changing seasons and create cherished memories that endure. Let Oh la Vache! inspire you to bring a touch of contemporary alpine style into your home.